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Physical Education

2022-23 Sports Ambassadors

2022-23 Fixtures and Results


KS2 Cheerleading Champions = Year 3 and 4 (Fox Class)


KS2 Dodgeball competitions

Year 3 = 2nd

Year 4 = 3rd

Year 5 = 2nd

Year 6 = 7th


KS2 Cross Country

6 of our runners qualified for the next round - we wish them the very best of luck.



House Cross Country



Boccia and New Age Kurling Inclusion event

Our Y6 team qualified for the finals event - well done!


Year 5 and 6 Football - small schools tournament

Girls team = 1st place

Boys team = 3rd place




EYFS and KS1 Teddy Run



Athlete Visit: Emma Nwofor

We were visited by Emma Nwofor (a Great British Heptathlete) who lead an inspiring assembly about determination, dedication and discipline. She then did a hurdling master class (as she held the GB 60m hurdle record in 2020) for each class and joined them for lunch and breaktime games. She is a 2024 Olympic hopeful so many of the children enjoyed getting autographs!




I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13 


‘An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.’   
Czech Olympian: Emil Zatopek  


What will children learn?

At Radwinter CofE Primary School, we believe PE provides opportunities for pupils to participate in a diverse range of activities that will increase their technical sporting skills, promote healthy lifestyles and improve their mental wellbeing. PE is a platform for embedding resilience, a strong work ethic, communication, and teamwork skills which will mean our pupils are equipped and confident in many areas of life. We believe that children can embed values such as fairness, respect and forgiveness into their development as a sportsperson. 


We offer a high-quality PE curriculum focused on developing specific skills before applying them in a variety of game situations and we recognise the importance of broadening pupil's horizons regarding sports that are available to them. This helps the children recognise that skills are not purely sport-specific and we aim to use less familiar or more diverse sports such as Quidditch, curling and yoga, to demonstrate their skills can be applied in many disciplines.


Through our PE curriculum, we will help children develop the necessary skills and knowledge for them to excel as well as nurturing passions for particular sports. Our children will: 

  • Recognise and value the importance of exercise on both their physical and mental health 

  • Be enthusiastic and excited about participating in different sporting activities  

  • Feel pride when representing their house or school 

  • Be committed to developing and perfecting their skill technique  

  • Believe in bettering themselves as an athlete through hard work and resilience 

  • Display good strength, coordination and flexibility. 


How will children be taught?

At Radwinter Primary, our pupils exceed the DfE recommended 90 minutes of exericse per week: they engage in two PE lessons per week, active playtimes and additional movement breaks. We prioritise a skills-based curriculum that equips the children to apply their techniques to a wide variety of sports and lifeskills. Across the year, pupils develop their balance, strength, coordination, throwing, catching, striking, fielding, attacking, and defending skills. Our Year 4 pupils attend swimming lessons at a local pool and are provided with catch-up opportunities if they do not meet expected in that year; we believe that swimming is an integral part of a pupil's development as well as being a fundamental life skill.


Physical activity is championed throughout the day with daily activities such as the Daily Mile and skipping. Each term there is a different Daily Mile focus which keeps the pupils motivated and aspiring to achieve either an individual or collective goal. Active playtimes are facilitated by our Sports Ambassadors through the use of equipment and leading lunch clubs. To support our pupils' development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as social and emotional needs, we run a Gym Trail club on a morning which gives this pupils an exciting, engaging and supportive environment to develop their skills and receive targeted support.


As well as regular daily activity, our pupils have many opportunities to represent their house or school in competitive sport. A competitive environment allows pupils to understand the hard work, commitment to practice, and determination that athletes and sportspeople need to succeed. We believe competitions are an important time to help pupils build each other up with encouragement, learn how to win and lose graciously, and perform under pressure. We compete in a multitude of competitions organised through our school’s partnership. Moreover, we organise our own sporting events such as visits from athletes, sponsored events and house competitions. 


Our school environment is built to enable and encourage our pupils to take part in physical activity. We have a tyre park on the playground, table tennis table, Forest School environment, and large field for use during lessons and break times. Where possible, children walk or scoot to school as part of their healthy lifestyles.


Through use of our trained teaching staff, and our partnerships with local schools and sports coaches, we are able to ensure that our PE delivery is varied and of high quality. For example, we have a specialist dance coach who leads dance and gymnastic sessions, a cricket coach and a golf coach. Extra-curricular clubs, such as karate, dance, netball, tag rugby, Quidditch and football, are offered to all of our pupils. These are either led by our qualified teaching staff or external agencies. 


What will outcomes for children be?

From our provision and their experiences, we believe our children will be motivated, resilient and active individuals who can make healthy life choices, engage in team activities and strive to achieve their personal best. This will have a positive impact on their respect for each other, sports from other cultures, and their understanding of mental wellbeing. We hope our children's love for sport enhances family time spent outside and their confidence to join clubs to develop their passions. 


High engagement in sport has many benefits for our pupils within school. There are able to release their energy in controlled ans safe ways which prepares them for learning. It increases their ability to communicate with different pupils and staff. As well as this, all sport involvement offers opportunity to embed our school values of fairness, kindness, service and respect.


To monitor our pupil's progress, teachers conduct assessment within and between lessons that inform their judgement of whether children have acquired the necessary skills. This might be through on-task observations, questioning, analysis of performances or discussions with pupils. If they feel the children require additional support or to re-visit skills, this is addressed through adapting future lessons or providing adult assistance during lessons. In addition to this, our Gym Trail club provides additional space for pupils to spend time practicing their skills and developing their strength and coordination.


We believe our children have fond memories of sport at Radwinter that go with them as they grow and continue to follow pathways rich with sporting activities.

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.