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Swallow Class

We were really inspired by our visit from the Young Shakespeare Company and enjoyed our drama improvisations of the scene on the battlements when the ghost of King Hamlet first appears to the guards.

We loved our visit from the YSC when they performed Hamlet last week and it has really inspired us in our drama and our writing.

We had a fun day out at the beach learning about coastal erosion, investigating rock pools and paddling in the sea!

We participated in an outdoor whole school Pentecost service, where Swallow Class retold the story of Pentecost through story telling and drama.

We are very proud of Arthur who was awarded a Bronze badge in the Primary Maths Challenge!

Swallow Class enjoyed a wonderful theme day where they dressed as evacuees and spent the day immersed in activities based on World War 2. They did drama, cooking, DT (making model Anderson shelters), learning a WW2 song and enjoying a VE party (which was without a doubt the highlight of the day!

Saffron Museum lent us a selection of WW2 artefacts which we enjoyed examining

We love our practical science lessons!

Swallow Class - Red Nose Day 2021

Fun on Red Nose Day!

As promised here is a list of books set during WW2 which we think you would enjoy. Remember if you are a member of the library you can borrow books onine through Borrowbox. Happy reading!

We love this photo that George took whilst on a walk around Radwinter today. The icicles look truly spectacular!

Arthur completing the USSP Round the World Challenge

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Our class Zoom session today was all about E-Safety. We watched a video and discussed how important it is to be aware of the dangers we could encounter. Read some of our Top Tips for staying safe on the internet!

Stay safe on the internet!

We loved Ronnie's weather report in French!

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More pictures of our science experiments this week.

Our science experiments this week have been great fun!

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Can you work our how the cocktail sticks move?

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What do you think happened to the paper clips?

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Noah's paper clip experiment

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Making a volcano is always fun!

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Swallow class letter and timetable

Grace has designed and made her moon buggy

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Fitness fun February - can you complete this chart by exercising every day throughout the month of February?

Tom's moon buggy

Swallow class letter and timetable

Our history topic this term is all about WW2. As part of our research we have been making our own timelines. Here are a few for you to look at.

We are hoping that lots of Swallow class will be taking part in the RSPB bird survey this weekend!

Esme has been doing some research into her family history and has shared these photos with us.

We were very impressed with Minoes' moon buggy which she designed and made as part of our Science topic on Earth and Space. We think you will be impressed too!

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John has been researching his family history and finding out about the role his grandfather played during WW2.

Jake made a weather chart to help with his French weather presentation

We have been imagining how it would feel to be evacuated as a child to the countryside during WW2 and have written letters home. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Week 4 - timetable and letter for the week

Training for our 1km challenge

This week our art work is based on the work of illustrator Christoph Nemann. He uses everyday objects to create his own images. Can you see which objects we have chosen?

Charlie's amazing model showing how the earth rotates around the sun and the moon rotates around the earth. He used this in his science presentation on Monday and we were all very impressed!

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Toby's great grandma's gas mask. He tried this on during our Zoom session today and informed us that it was not at all comfortable!

Our art work this week is to create our own 3D sculpture based on Louise Bourgeois' huge bronze spider sculpture "Maman". We hope you like some of our ideas!

We are so proud of our children for taking so much pride in their home learning. We wanted to share some of the work that has been sent in so far. We hope you will agree the standard is very high!

Week 2 - Letter and timetable for the week

We have been learning about street art artists Banksy and Camile Walala. Today, we used Tate Kids to create our own designs based on their style. Can you identify any of the underlying messages behind some of the children's work? They are really quite powerful!

Suggested reading list - Years 5 & 6

Happy Christmas to you all from Swallow Class!

Christmas lunch with our wonderful Christmas hats!

We were so pleased with the number of donations that we received for the Uttlesford Foodbank. These were all delivered to the Foodbank in time for the Christmas parcels and were very gratefully received.