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Squirrel Class

Welcome to Squirrel Class!


Squirrel Class Homework 14.05.21




We have been focussing on comparing the mass of different objects and have begun to practise weighing and measuring using grams. Please complete the sheet in your homework book. If you have scales at home you may like to practise measuring in grams . You could also look at the back of food packets to find out how many grams they weigh and then put them into order from heaviest to lightest. The children have enjoyed playing this game in class and may wish to show it to you at home (choose answers in steps of 100g from the options menu at the start).




We are so excited to be taking part in the Young Leader’s Award run by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust (see separate letter for more information). This award allows us to become Young Leaders by focussing on and developing 4 key characteristics – Kindness, Perseverance, Teamwork and Action. We are currently focussing on Kindness. We are taking part in a ‘random acts of kindness’ challenge which gives us change to put into action all of the things we have learned so far and to show kindness to those around us. We are completing some of the acts of kindness at school but would like to complete some of them at home too! Please colour in any that you manage to complete over the next few days and make sure you get photographic or other recorded evidence to either stick into your homework books or to e-mail to the Squirrel Class e-mail address.

Please create a poster or an information leaflet explaining/showing ways in which people can show kindness to others. We would love to display these around our classroom and school.



Spellings –

This week we have been learning about using apostrophes to indicate possession. Below are some examples for you to practise but maybe you can think of some more words that end in the same way? For a challenge why not try writing the words in a sentence?





the girl’s

the child’s

the man’s

the woman’s

the school’s

a dog’s

a teacher’s



There are lots of different ways in which you can practise these spellings (see the phonics and spellings sheet sent home last year for some ideas) but the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method works really well.




Please return the homework books to school on Wednesday 19th May 2021




Daily Maths ideas

Squirrel Class have been learning how to play Three Tees Cricket in our P.E. lessons! We have had so much fun and have really developed our skills!

Squirrel Class have been learning about plants and growing and have planted lots of wonderful things including: potatoes; onions; lettuce; sunflowers and runner beans. Watch this space for updates on their growth!

Blue Planet II books! Look at the amazing Blue Planet II books Squirrel Class have created! The creators of the television programme asked us to design books to accompany the programme. We had to include a front cover, an introduction, facts about the ocean, a non-chronological report about an ocean creature and information about how humans are damaging the oceans and how we can protect them! Wow, what a lot fo amazing work! We are sure the Blue Planet team will be so impressed!

Lighthouses! Squirrel Class have been so busy! Look at our super lighthouse models, verb poems, lighthouse keeper diary entries and non chronological reports about lighthouses! Wow!

We read the story 'The Great Christmas Pudding rescue' in which the people of Pudding Town couldn't get all of the ingredients for their annual Christmas Pudding festival! In the story Santa send some animals to help deliver the ingredients and they succeed by 'hoping and caring, loving and sharing'. We decided to make our own miniature Christmas Puddings by working together as the animals did. We are taking them home to share with others this Christmas time!

We had a fantastic first 2 days back at school! We are so proud of the way in which the children have come back with so much enthusiasm and are thrilled to have them all back together again!