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Otter Class

How do animals keep warm in Antarctica? We have been finding out about penguins and seals but we wanted to know how they manage to live on and in the seas around the coldest place on Earth! We used margarine as blubber and compared the effect on our hand in icy water, with and without a layer of fat to protect us from the cold.

We had a wonderful day at Hatfield Forest. We  went on a fungi hunt and found out all about the plants and animals that live in the woods. We worked in teams to read maps and find the clues to solve a riddle.  

We found out that the oldest tree was over 1000 years old!

Otter class skipping superstars! Our daily skipping sessions are really helping us to develop stamina and become speed skippers! 
We have been using an atlas to locate and label the countries, oceans and seas of the UK. We made a puzzle to help us with our learning. 
More clay otters were made today! 

Making our clay otters!  Group 1 

The children concentrated so hard to capture the shape and detail of real otters. Group 2 are looking forward to making theirs next week and I know they are going to be 'Outstanding Otters' 

Today the children have been using their homework research sheets to write up an information leaflet all about otters!

The children have produced the most wonderful work full of the most amazing otter facts! 


Otter class 2019!


We have all enjoyed getting to know each other and welcoming our new Radwinter pupils

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