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Bee Class

Welcome to Bee Class!

Bumble Bee sports day

Honey Bee Bubble Sports Day

Today, the Honey Bee Bubble had their Sports Day. Unfortunately, it was too slippery to be on the field but we still had lots of fun! We did hula hoop competitions including hula hooping, spinning, rolling and stepping. We had throwing competitions as well as egg and spoon races. Finally, we ended with some dancing and musical statue competitions. Every child tried their best and showed fantastic team spirit. Well done Honey Bees! 

Hello Bee Class!

Welcome to this week's learning. This week each Bee Bubble will have a sports day (Wednesday - Honey Bee and Thursday - Bumble Bee). If you are learning at home, maybe you could create a sports day with your family? We are also reflecting this week on our time in year 1 and looking ahead to being year 2s.

From Mrs Grey and Mrs Weekes



Home Learning Activities  - Daily Learning and Weekly Beehive Challenges

Daily and Weekly Learning Activities 
Resources to support this week's learning

Please look after the Rainforests!

Bee Class 2019-2020

We had a visit from the fire service to start our fire, fire topic. The fire fighters explained all about their tools and equipment before we had a turn sitting in the fire engine. We then were very excited because we got to see the hose in action and hear the siren!

Can you build a house out of flexible materials which the Big, Bad Wolf cannot blow down?

After discovering a diary entry from one of the Three Little Pigs, Bee class have been learning about different materials and their properties. Then a challenge came from the Big, Bad Wolf! He knew that he can't blow down brick houses but wanted to know whether it was possible to build a house out of flexible materials that was strong enough to stand up to the Big, Bad Wolf's huffing and puffing! Bee Class used all their problem solving, reasoning, science and DT skills and knowledge to work in teams to build houses from: plastic straws, paper straws, straw, newspaper, sticks or card.  All the houses stayed standing after the Big,Bad Wolf attempted to blow them down! Well done Bee Class! 

We're going on a journey...

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Bee class have been discussing the ways in which each of us travels to school. We then read a book called 'The way to school' in which we saw that children around the world travel to school in many different ways including some that are fun and exciting and even some that are dangerous! Inspired by the book we made up a rhyme about journeys to school based on a well known story (see if you can guess what it is?!)

Exploring our new classroom and outdoor area!

We met our learning partners for this week and went on a treasure hunt to find out where everything is!

It was so fun meeting all our friends again! We played a friendship game altogether.

We've begun sharing our holiday diaries too!