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Kingfisher Class

Friday 5th March

Good morning, Kingfishers! We are very much looking forward to seeing you in school next week! Have a lovely weekend and come back raring to go on Monday!

The book extract for you this week is the first chapter of 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. 


Here is some of your fabulous nature art...

Thursday 4th March

Good morning, Kingfishers! You are working so well this week! You have been sending some lovely pieces of art work. If you haven't done so already, please photograph your creations and send them to us so we can make a display when we are back in school.

I have attached the task for your history topic work as well as today's Maths and English (resources are on Monday's list).

Tuesday 2nd March

Well done Kingfishers, you've had a fantastic start to the week and we are already enjoying seeing some of the work that you are completing. Don't forget to share all you super creations and hard work with us!

Friday 26th February

Good morning, Kingfisher Class - this week has flown by! As well as the Maths and English resources for today, I have also included an extract from 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo which you might like to read the full copy of after you've had this little taster. (We have a copy in school). Either read the extract independently or have someone read it to you. I think you will enjoy it and be drawn into the story. There are also some guided reading questions to get you thinking about what you have read. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday 9th February

Good morning, Kingfishers!

Today is esafety awareness day. BBC teach and CBBC are running various activities today with a 30 minute live lesson being shown at 11am and a programme about it for adults later tonight at 7pm. For more details go to:


Monday 8th February

Good morning, Kingfisher Class! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week's learning!

Here is some of our wonderful work from last week...

Friday 5th February

Well done Kingfishers! You have done some lovely work this week and should feel very proud of yourselves. Enjoy a restful weekend and then we have only one more week of learning before half term!


The link for your maths work today is:

The worksheets you need are below. 

Thursday 4th February

Good morning Kingfishers! Your hero myth stories are coming along nicely - we have enjoyed listening to some of your opening paragraphs in our zoom sessions this week. Well done those of you who have already started to do some editing. When you read your writing aloud you notice things which could be improved! Today you will be using the editing toolkit to help you focus on which parts of your story to look at again. Try to get your story finished today if you can and send me the finished piece when you are satisfied with it. 


Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning Kingfisher class! It was lovely to have Mrs Taylor with us on our zoom session yesterday! She was very impressed by the work you shared and is very much looking forward to being back with us properly after half term. She will join us for a few more sessons over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for the work you shared too - some amazing decorated elephants - don't forget to send photos when you have finished and we can put them on the class page. 

Art gallery...

Some of our Anglo Saxon villages...

At work in our new 'classrooms'...

Monday 25th January


Good morning, Kingfisher Class!

I hope you are all keeping well and that I will see you later on zoom! 

Friday 22nd January


Good morning, Kingfishers! I hope you have all had a good week. I liked Harry's suggestion of writing down all the good things that have happened, no matter how small, so that at the end of the week you can go back and remember them all. The highlights of my days have been meeting up with you all on zoom - it is good to see your smiling faces!

Here are your maths challenges to end the week. Sheet 1 is the easiest, sheet 4 the hardest, so choose the sheet appropriate for you. There is also a speedy maths challenge: how many of these questions can you answer in, say, 8 minutes? Have  a go! Let me know how you get on...


Good morning Kingfisher Class!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - I look forward to seeing you later at 1.30pm - have pen and paper ready!

The last part of 'The Snow Queen' will go on the class page after our zoom call today. You can listen and follow the powerpoints if you haven't been able to make all the zoom sessions.

Superstar Zak came third in his karting trials! Well done Zak!

Some of us have made a start on our worry dolls - aren't they wonderful?

And we've been finding and making other things...well done, Kingfishers!

If you missed the readings from 'The Snow Queen' you can listen to them on these powerpoints. 

Parts 3 and 4 will be read  during our class zoom on Thursday and Friday and I'll put the readings on the class page on Friday. I hope you are enjoying the story!

If you found the research about the Anglo-Saxons a bit daunting use the powerpoint 'Anglo-Saxon Invaders' and the factfile template to help you.

Sorry, I forgot to put on the maths worksheet for today!

Tuesday 5th January - Good morning Kingfisher Class! 


Monday 4th January 2021


Good morning Kingfisher Class! I hope you are all keeping well. Take care!