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Friday 26th June

Good morning, Kingfisher Class. I hope you have all had a lovely week!

these are your Friday Maths challenges. Year 4s, I noticed that the children who have been in school could do with some more practice on using decimal numbers, so you have problems to solve based on decimals (we covered this a few weeks ago and you might need to remind yourself of the value of the digits after the decimal point). if these seem too daunting do the LKS2 investigation. Most of the year 3s should be able to manage the LKS2 investigation, but there is an easier one based on addition and subtraction for those who feel less confident.

Week beginning 22nd June - Good morning, Kingfishers!

Thursday 18th June

Today I am putting on the class page your Friday Maths challenges. There is something here suitable for everyone!  Year 4s: your challenges are related to the work on division which you have been doing this week. The questions become progressively harder, so stop when you have reached the limit of what you can do. If you look at the work and lose confidence then perhaps try the extension work from the year 3 challenge? Year 3s: choose the level which is appropriate for you, but try to challenge yourself too! There are two sheets of fence cut-outs if you need these to help you solve the problems on the easier sheet.


Monday 15th June


Good morning, Kingfisher Class! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend - it's been lovely to see the sun again! Your home learning activity sheets look a  bit different this week. The learning for the whole week and the resources for each day are available from today. I would like you to work through the Maths and English in the order which they are set out on your learning activity sheet but the other subjects can be done in which ever order you choose. It means that you can adapt what you do according to how it fits in with family commitments and according to the weather! 

I have enjoyed seeing your photos and will put them on the class page later today - there has been some amazing artwork from you this week. Well done!



Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Kingfisher Class - I hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing and fun half term break! It will be lovely to be back in touch with you again.



Thursday 21st May

Good morning Kingfisher Class!

It was lovely to see so many of the year 3s yesterday and to hear what you've been up to!

Thank you - it was good to see your smiling faces!


You have written some lovely Anansi can get a taster if you read some of the story beginnings and endings in this word document..well done all of you!

Kingfisher Class have been busy during lockdown...and not just on home learning!

Jasper has been busy with his Lego...

Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April

Good morning, Kingfisher Class!

What a busy week it has been! Thank you for your emails and photos - I think you have all enjoyed seeing each other's photos, and I am continually impressed with the emails you have been sending. What a talented class you are! 

Keep up the good work, keep smiling, and most importantly, keep having fun! 


Kingfisher class - working hard at home!

We've been making smoothies - yum!

...developing an artistic flair...

And some of us have been helped by our pets!

Not just working hard, playing hard too!

Monday 20th April 2020

If anyone can, Kingfishers can! Look at what we've been up to inside...

...a bit of baking...

...a bit of experimenting...

...and a lot of us have been outside!

We have all been getting used to our new 'classrooms'. Well done, Kingfishers..we are so proud of you!

Friday 3rd April


You have done so much in the last two weeks, Kingfishers! Well done for your perseverance in tackling the home learning, and thank you for all the updates and photos you have been sending. I shall be putting some more up by the end of today so you can see what everyone has been up to...


Take care and have a lovely Easter break!

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning Kingfisher Class,

Your stories are coming along nicely...I know some of you are still planning, and some have made a great start with your opening paragraphs. Keep going and try to get these finished by tomorrow if you can. I can see that you have all been trying really hard with using different descriptive techniques and experimenting with different sentence starts. Charlie, your varied sentences were very effective! Thank you for the photos you have been sending - you are doing so many exciting things! I shall put a collection of them up tomorrow for you all to see what everyone's been up to.

It looks as though you are flying through the Maths work this week - well done!  So many of you are really taking care over your presentation too. 

Keep going with your spellings and times tables - get ready for an adult to test you at the end of the week!

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning, Kingfisher Class, it's another beautiful morning! 

It seems as though most of you are getting into a routine with your home learning and finding a way that works best to fit in with your family. 

How are you all getting on with Joe Wicks? Or maybe you have found another workout to do?

I hope you will be able to make the most of this glorious, sunny day. If you go for a walk, keep looking out to see what you can spot. The birds in my garden are very busy making nests: we have some bluetits nesting in our garden and I have been amazed at how much coming and going there has been! 

You'll notice that in your class activity sheet I say you can choose which Easter powerpoint to read but only one of the powerpoints is uploaded. The one called 'Easter Story' was too computer said 'No!'

Ignore message about the Easter ppt...all resolved. Thank you Mr.Watson!


Have  a great day, Kingfishers!


Good morning Kingfishers! You have been so busy! It looks as though we have a few budding 'Bake Off' stars!...

Friday 27th March - I have been so impressed with your home learning this week Kingfisher Class! Thank you for sending me photos of your work and the activities you've been involved've all been very busy! Have a Fantastic Friday!

I've put the Romulus and Remus storyboard on as a pdf now...hopefully this will work for those having problems!

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Kingfishers!


On the work for the Romulus and Remus storyboard, I put 'break the story into 6 parts' should be 8 parts! The storyboard template has room for 8 pictures with writing underneath each one.


I'm so impressed with the care you have been taking over your work, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your storyboards, but I don't expect you to finish them today.


You have been busy! Yum...your pancake making looks delicious, Erica! Look at the lovely photos of the wildlife Elliott spotted on his walk!

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Kingfisher Class!


Thank you for all the learning you have been sharing with me - I have enjoyed receiving your emails and photos!

Keep them coming!


Make the most of this glorious day!



Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Kingfishers! Thank you for your emails and letting me know how you are getting on.

I hope you like seeing the shields made by Monty, Freddie and Abigail. They had a lot of fun making them!


Don't worry if you had had difficulty accessing some of the online sites. There is a high demand at the moment. Do what you can!


If you can, get outside while the weather is good...

...and I hope you are starting your day with a Joe Wicks family workout! (it's on at 9am every morning on his Youtube channel).


Have a good day!



Monty, Freddie and Abigail made some wonderful Roman shields based on their designs!

Roman Shields ppt

Monday 23rd March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Kingfisher Class! It is a beautiful morning - and hopefully, we will have sunshine all day! Make the most of it - I hope you are all feeling well and will be able to get outside for a walk or to play in your garden. 


I have uploaded a document which gives your work for today. Try your best with it! You should be able to complete the Maths work today. The English work needs a bit of planning. You might talk about it with an adult and plan what you are going to write today, then write up your paragraphs neatly tomorrow. The Topic/Art work of designing a Roman Shield you should aim to finish by the end of the week. Look at the powerpoint I have uploaded before you start working on your design. Take care with your symmetry on this! 


Have a good day...

Mrs Cannon


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